Here is a list of former Northwest cross country and track and field athletes that have been offered college scholarships or walked on to college teams and have competed on the college level. We are proud of all of our athletes that have gone on to success after their high school careers and always have the heart of a lion!


Athlete (years at Northwest)-Events competed in-College attended

Angela Krausz (2002-2005)-Thrower-Lindenwood University

Danielle Sturgeon (2007-2010)-Pole vaulter-Hannibal LaGrange College

Jillian Wohlschlaeger (2004-2007)-Cross country & mid-distance/distance track-Fontbonne University

Sarah Wohlschlaeger (2004-2007)-Cross country & mid-distance/distance track-Fontbonne University

Rebekah Schneider (2005-2008)-Cross Country & Track-Union University

Emily Jahnsen (2006-2009)-Sprints, Mid-Distance-Maryville University

Taylor Hosna (2008-2011)-Jumps, Sprints, Javelin-Missouri Baptist University

Jenny Sturgeon (2008-2011)-Pole vaulter-Hannibal LaGrange College

Alysiah Whittaker (2010-2013)-Thrower-Georgia State University

Christina Schatz (2011-2014)-Pole Vaulter-Central Methodist University

Anna Grobelny (2012-2015)-Long/Triple Jumper, sprinter-Webster University

Kirra Antonelli (2013-2016)-Distance-Maryville University

Marquee Banderet (2013-2016)-Middle distance, Sprints, long jump-Southeast Missouri State University

Brittney Flieger (2013-2016)-High, Long, Triple Jump-Lindenwood University

Molly Stuckmeyer (2013-2016)-Distance-University of Missouri

Haley Miller (2014-2017)-Sprints-Central Methodist University

Mikayla Williams (2016-2019)-Distance-Missouri Baptist University

Kaitlyn Bell (2016-2019)-Hurdles, sprints, middle distance-Bradley University

Megan Fortner (2018-2019)-Javelin/Softball-Jacksonville State University

Erica Schamel (2017-2020)-Jumps-Pittsburg State University

Rachel Kelly (2017-2020)-Pole Vault, Sprints-Fontbonne University

Kayla Winecoff (2019-2022)-Distance-Maryville University

J'Kyla Griffin (2020-2023)-Hurdles, Sprints-Maryville University

Martina Menees (2022-2023)-Throws-University of St. Mary

Lucero Orozco (2020-2023)-Distance-Jefferson College