Northwest Runs


Click on any the links to see a route map of the runs that we do either on campus or around the Northwest area.


Off Campus Runs

On Campus Runs

  NHS Front Fields-750m
Watergate-1.2 miles NHS Loop Around Track & Field Area-800m
Rocky Ridge-2 miles NHS Front Loop-800m
El Jer-2.05 miles NHS Loop Around Front School Grounds-1,000m
NHS to Cedar Hill Rd-Hwy 30-Local Hillsboro Loop-2.1 miles NHS Track & Field Area Loop-1,000m
Tamarack-2.1 miles NHS Loop Around School and Front School Grounds-1,200m
  NHS 1 Mile Campus Loop-1 mile
Cedar Hill Intermediate-2.5 miles NHS Loop-1.17 miles
Lammert Lane-3.1 miles NHS 1.5 mile Loop-1.5 miles
Jesse Lane-3.1 miles  
Lammert Trails-4 miles  
Block-4 miles  
River-4 miles  
Deer Crossing-4.5 miles  
Graham-Clover-4.95 miles  
Extended River-6.0 miles  
Bowling Alley-6.7 miles  
Hardees-9 miles  
NHS to Hardees, MM to Gravois and Back-9.96 miles  
Tri-Waters-10.25 miles  
Pleasant Valley Nature Preserve