Track & Field Events

There are 12 running events and 7 field events in a normal high school track meet in Missouri. In addition, there are an additional 5 relay events, 1 field event, and 1 multi-event that are contested at some meets, but are not normal high school events in Missouri-these are listed in italics. Below is a description and diagram of each event. To jump to a particular event click on the event below.









100m Dash
The 100m is the classic sprints race distance. The reigning 100m world record holder is often named "the fastest man/woman in the world", and the 100m Olympic title is usually considered among the most prestigious. This 100m is the domain of absolute speed. Athletes of all builds can do well at this distance. Being fast means being able to transmit the orders needed for muscular contraction instantly from the brain. When the gun fires, athletes must react with adrenaline-charged urgency. The 100m demands exceptional reflexes at the start and great explosive power. In the first few strides sprinters must have perfect control of movement and balance without "tightening up". Then they must use their acceleration skills to reach top speed. Since it is difficult to maintain top speed after 6 to 7 seconds of effort, sprinters need strong muscles and relaxed technique. Maintaining the right balance between frequency and length of stride is the key to sprint technique. The 100m can be broken down into basic phases of start, pick-up and finish. The right blend gets results.
World Record: 10.49-Florence Griffith Joyner-United States-July 16, 1988
American Record: 10.49-Florence Griffith Joyner-United States-July 16, 1988
U.S. High School Record: 10.94-Briana Williams-Northeast H.S., Oakland Park, FL-June 21, 2019
Missouri State Record: 11.64-Anglerne Annelus (Grandview H.S.)-2015
Northwest School Record: 12.29-Chandra Chilges-1992
Northwest Freshman Record: 12.60-Jamie Doggendorf-2010
100m Dash

Florence Griffith Joyner's 100m World Record:



200m Dash
This distance is similar to the ancient Greek sprint event the "stadion" (literally length of the stadium), but it derives from a mile-based distance, the furlong, or one-eighth of a mile. In the USA, the 200m was run in a straight line until around 1960. A curve was only included in Europe and at the Olympics, where the distance first appeared in 1900. The 200m specialist must combine the basic speed of the 100m sprinter with a running technique that allows her to cope with centrifugal forces when sprinting around the bend. The 200m takes speed beyond itself. Good distribution of effort and running the bend effectively are the keys to this sprint . Athletes should not start too slowly, yet if they squander too much energy they will not last the whole distance without weakening. Strength takes over from speed when the sprinter comes out of the bend and may begin to suffer. The start is less important here than in the 100m.
World Record: 21.34-Florence Griffith Joyner-United States-September 29, 1988
American Record: 21.34-Florence Griffith Joyner-United States-September 29, 1988
U.S. High School Record: 22.11-Allyson Felix-(L.A. Baptist H.S., North Hills, CA)-2003
Missouri State Record: 23.47--Anglerne Annelus (Grandview H.S.)-2015
Northwest School Record: 25.63-Jamie Doggendorf-2013
Northwest Freshmanl Record: 26.31-Jamie Doggendorf-2010
200m Dash
Florence Griffith Joyner's 200m World Record:


400m Dash
The toughest sprint, the 400m can seem both short in time and long in distance. The 400m runner needs to be a courageous sprinter. Willpower battles against pain as muscles become ever-heavier at the end of a race. Alone in his lane, the athlete must start fast, at ninety per cent of maximum effort and control his pace so as not experience the figurative brick wall that awaits the presumptuous. After 30 to 35 seconds of fast running physiological realities – oxygen debt, lactic acid build-up in the muscles – intrude. The whole body can suffer. The 400m is a school of courage in which you learn to surpass yourself. Although 400m runners were traditionally divided into 200m/400m and 400m/800m types, it is the "pure" sprinters like Michael Johnson who now dominate the event.
World Record: 47.60-Marita Koch-East Germany-October 6, 1985
World Record: 48.70-Sanya Richards-September 17, 2006
U.S. High School Record: 50.69-Sanya Richards (Aquinas H.S., Ft. Lauderdale, FL)-2002
Missouri State Record: 53.55-Alishea Usery(McCluer South-Berkeley HS)-2007
Northwest School Record: 57.97-Marquee Banderet-2016
Northwest Freshman Record: 1:00.40-Marquee Banderet-2013
400m Dash
Marita Koch's 400m World Record:


800m Run
The 800 meters is the shortest of the middle distance events and is run over two laps of the track and has always been an Olympic event. It is the event where the demands of speed and speed-endurance converge. Here the athlete must challenge her rivals around two laps of the track: she sizes them up, comes into contact with them – clashing elbows are the norm here. Everyone, big or small, has a chance in this event, where anaerobic effort can unleash a final sprint to snatch victory. The 800m runner must embody boldness, strategy in movement, positional sense and anticipation. Together they can enable you to beat those stronger than yourself. It is a race steeped in romance, in which anything can happen, where the prolonged speed of the 400m meets the endurance of the 1500m. It is the kingdom for ace athletes who can race fast and long. In 1959 the IAAF decided to act against the frequent jostling in this event by running the first 300 meters in lanes. Today's rules stipulate that, in certain major competitions, the first 100 meters will be run in lanes.
World Record: 1:53.28-Jarmila Kratochvílová- Czechoslovakia-July 26, 1983
Amercan Record: 1:55.04-Athing Mu-August 21, 2021
U.S. High School Record: 1:59.04-Juliette Whittaker (Mt. de Salas H.S., Catonsville, MD)-June 25, 2022
Missouri State Record: 2:06.74-Samantha Levin (Ladue H.S.)-2011
Northwest School Record: 2:22.87-Marquee Banderet-2016
Northwest Freshman Record: 2:29.34-Samantha Brown-2019
2011 World Championship Women's 800m final :


1600m Run
The 1600 meters (also referred to as the mile and the sister race of the 1500m) is the premier middle distance track event and one of the most prestigious Olympic events. The race is 4 laps around the track. The only place the 1600m is run is in U.S. high school meets. College meets and international meets run the 1500m, which is also known in the US as "the metric mile". In this race the athlete must strike a balance between oxygen supply and oxygen debt. Here stamina begins to really count, but speed matters too, given the frequent participation of 800m specialists. The great 1500m pioneers never set themselves limits, and so they continually surpassed themselves. Tenacity, energy and mental strength are the principal generators of action. Sometimes they can produce enough spirit for a last-bend attack against someone you have never beaten before. Very often championship races become tactical races, with the runners shadowing each other and jockeying for position, and the race is decided in the last 100 meters making for an exciting finish that can hold surprises.
World Record: (1500m) 3:50.07-Genzebe Dibaba-Ethopia-July 17, 2015
World Record: ( 1 Mile) 4:12.33-Sifan Hassan-Netherlands-July 12, 2019
American Record: (1500m) 3:56.29-Shannon Rowbury-July 17, 2015
American Record: (Mile) 4:16.71-Mary Slaney-August 21, 1985
U.S. High School Record: (1500m) 4:04.62-Mary Cain (Bronxville H.S., Bronxville, NY)-2013
U.S. High School Record: (1600m) 4:33.29-Alexa Efraimson (Camas H.S., Camas, WA)-2014
U.S. High School Record: (1 Mile) 4:26.16-Addy Wiley (North Huntington H.S., Huntington, IN)-June 11, 2022
Missouri State Record: (1600m) 4:40.15-Hannah Long (Eureka H.S.)-2015
Northwest School Record: (1600m) 5:11.14-Meagan Robertson-2003
Northwest School Record: (1 Mile) 5:59.13-Kirra Antonelli-2013
Northwest School Record: (1500m) 5:28.07-Samantha Brown-2019
Northwest Freshman Record: (1600m) 5:32.92-Karley Wheeler-2019
Northwest Freshman Record: (1 Mile) 5:59.13-Kirra Antonelli-2013
Northwest Freshman Record: (1500m) 5:28.07-Samantha Brown-2019
1600m Run
Genzebe Dibaba's 1500m World Record & Shannon Rowbury's American Record-July 17, 2015-Monaco Diamond League Meet:


3200m Run
The 3200 meter run, while considered middle distance in college and on the international level, is the longest regular distance that is run in high school. Once again. like the 1600m, the 3200m is only run in U.S. high school. College and international races are 3000m in length, which is the metric equivalent. The 3200m is 8 laps around the track and requires excellent aerobic conditioning and mental focus. Here, runners with endurance take over from those with strength. The skill lies in keeping up a sustained pace for a long time, effortlessly. Pace is king, where the best keep their hearts beating under control. A long distance spirit is needed; you do not run these races without lengthy, painstaking preparation. Nevertheless, these events are not exclusive to those with the most endurance. Speed also has its place. At Olympics and world championship events this distance is raced as the steeplechase, with the next non-steeplechase event being the 5,000m run.
World Record: (3000m) 8:06.11-Junxia Wang-China-September 13, 1993
World Record: (2 Miles) 8:58.58-Meseret Defar-Ethiopia-September 14, 2007
American Record: (3000m) 8:25.83-Mary Slaney-September 7, 1985
U.S. High School Record: (3000m) 9:00.16-Alexa Efraimson (Camas H.S., Camas, WA)-2014
U.S. High School Record: (3200m) 9:48.59-Kimberly Mortensen (Thousand Oaks H.S., CA)-1996
U.S. High School Record: (2 Miles) 9:38.68-Mary Cain (Bronxville H.S., Bronxville, NY)-2013
Missouri State Record: (3200m) 10:19.15-Taylor Werner (St. Genevieve H.S.)-2014
Northwest School Record: (3200m) 11:30.80-Meagan Robertson-2003
Northwest Freshman Record: (3200m) 12:02.72-Karley Wheeler-2019
3200m Run

Women's 3000m - Wanda Diamond League Rabat 2022



100m Hurdles
Modern sprint hurdlers are first of all sprinters. They must possess the characteristics of speed specialists - reflexes, power and strength. To this must be added the right physique - hurdlers should be tall, or have proportionally long legs to ease hurdle clearance - and have hurdling technique, without which nothing is possible. It is a question of flowing over the 10 hurdles - each 33 inches high - like a big cat, without seeming to break stride. Hurdlers must always search for a fluidity that is impaired neither by the aggression of the start, nor the need for rhythmic speed between hurdles, nor the act of hurdling. This event is both a running race and a field event. The 10 jumps must be accomplished with perfect linear movement. Here more than anywhere else, style is king.
World Record: 12.20-Kendra Harrison-USA-July 22, 2016
American Record: 12.20-Kendra Harrison-USA-July 22, 2016
U.S. High School Record: 12.84-Tia Jones (Walton H.S., Marietta, GA)-2016
Missouri State Record: 13.70-Tyra Wilson-Rock Bridge H.S.-2019
Northwest School Record: 15.10-Christina Winkler-2000
Northwest Freshman Record: 18.11-Brittany Flieger-2013
100m Hurdles
Kendra Harrison's World Record:


300m Hurdles
The distance of 300m is only run in U.S. high school meets. Collegiate and international meets run the 400m hurdles. The 300m hurdler starts as a good 400m flat runner who is supple, has a good sense of rhythm as well as hurdling skill. Speed and strength alone are not enough. Negotiating 8 hurdles that are 30 inches high, in the harsh domain of the 300m demands smooth hurdling and control of stride patterns between hurdles. For the 300m hurdler, drilled rhythms and inspiration compete to govern running form. Like an explorer in unmapped territory, the 300m hurdler needs both mental and physical strength.
World Record: (400m hurdles) 50.68-Sydbney McLaughlin-United States-July 22. 2022
American Record: (400m hurdles) 50.68-Sydbney McLaughlin-United States-July 22. 2022
U.S. High School Record: (300m hurdles) 38.90-LSydney McLaughlin (Union Catholic H.S., Scotch Plains, NJ)-April 18, 2017
U.S. High School Record: (400m hurdles) 54.15-Sydney McLaughlin (Union Catholic H.S., Scotch Plains, NJ)-June 25, 2017
Missouri State Record: (300m hurdles) 41.79-Jasmine Barge (McCluer North H.S.)-2014
Northwest School Record: (300m hurdles) 45.06-Christina Winkler-2000
Northwest Freshman Record: (300m hurdles) 49.69-Kaitlyn Bell-2016
300m Hurdles
Sydney McLaughlin breaks the world record in the 400m hurdles


Shuttle Hurdle Relay (4x100H)
This relay is a special relay that requires a team to have a lot of talented 100m hurdlers to be good. Each of the four hurdlers completes a 100m hurdle leg and the race is run back and forth on the straightaway. The first and third hurdlers run in one direction in the same lane and the second and fourth hurdlers run in the opposite direction in the lane next to where the first and third hurdlers run. A hurdler starts their leg when the hurdler before them crosses the line where they are starting in blocks. Unlike other relays, no baton is used in this relay. This relay is not a normal event and is only run at relay meets.
World Record: No world record kept
American Record: 52.38-Star Athletics (Damu Mitchell, Loreal Smith, Tiki James, Kellie Wells)-April 7, 2012
U.S. High School Record: 57.17-Vacaville High School (Vacaville, CA)- 2014
Missouri State Record: Not a state event
Northwest School Record: 1:12.00-Angel St. Clair, Janet Kennedy, Marnee Lawerence, Beth Waymon-1986
Shuttle Hurdle Relay
The 2008 Gibson Relays-Kingston, Jamaica-Shuttle Hurdles:


4 x 100m (400m) Relay
The relay races are the only events in athletics where individual and collective effort count. Relays involve competition among individuals and teams at the same time. Athletes with great personal ability work hard for their team mates. Relays involve passing a baton. The 4x100m, which is run in lanes from start to finish, calls for the utmost precision, and at times juggling skills, for the baton must be handed over, at top speed, in a limited zone. This changover of the baton is usually completed in less than 3 seconds! Changes made outside the box mean disqualification while dropped batons and bungled exchanges can wreck the best teams. In this race, each of the four runners run 100m.
World Record: 40.82-USA (Tianna Bartoletta, Allyson Felix, Bianca Knight, Carmelita Jeter)-August 10, 2012
American Record: 40.82-USA (Tianna Bartoletta, Allyson Felix, Bianca Knight, Carmelita Jeter)-August 10, 2012
U.S. High School Record: 44.44-DeSoto H.S. (TX)-2019 ((Ja’Era Griffin, Jayla Hollis, Taylor Armstrong, Rosaline Effiong)
Missouri State Record: 47.19-McCluer South-Berkely H.S.-2014
Northwest School Record: 50.38-Marquee Banderet, Alysiah Whittaker, Rachel Bonacker, Jaime Doggendorf-2013; Marquee Banderet, Morgan Skyles, Sam Skyles, Abbey McAteer (2015)

Northwest Freshman Record: 55.99-Madison Hamilton, Rebekah Bonine, Kaitlyn Speh, Blessing Barlee-2013

4 x 100m Relay
USA world record at the 2012 London Olympics


4 x 200m (800m) Relay
This race is not a normal Olympic race, but is run at occasional meets beside being a regular high school event. Each runner runs 200m and the team must complete 2 laps of the track. While not as fast as the 4x100m relay, this realy still takes precision with baton passes and speed.
World Record: 1:27.46-United States Blue Team (LaTasha Jenkins, LaTasha Colander-Richardson, Nanceen Perry, Marion Jones)-April 29, 2000
American Record: 1:27.46-United States Blue Team (LaTasha Jenkins, LaTasha Colander-Richardson, Nanceen Perry, Marion Jones)-April 29, 2000
U.S. High School Record: 1:33.43-Aquinas H.S. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)-2014
Missouri State Record: 1:37.85-Hazelwood Central H.S.-2017
Northwest School Record: 1:45.15-Liz Buneta, Emily Weiss, Taylor Hosna, Jaime Doggendorf-2010
Northwest Freshman Record: 1:58.07-Madison Hamilton, Rebekah Bonine, Mickie Schmoll, Blessing Barlee-2013
4 x 200m Relay

Women's 4x200m Relay Final | World Athletics Relays Yokohama 2019



4 x 400m (1600m) Relay
In this relay each of the four runners runs 400m. The 4x400m changeover is less dramatic than the other two sprint relays because of the slower speed. In this longer event tactical skill is more important, both from the runners, and from coaches who select which athlete to use on each leg. Most 400m relays are run in lanes until the exit from the first bend of the second leg (a blue line on the track marks the place). Once the runners have broken from lanes the race resembles an 800m, but at much greater speed! This relay is highly entertaining for spectators and exhilarating for runners and is the last event of the meet, sometimes deciding the meet winner. Some people think this is the most exciting race.
World Record: 3:15.17-USSR (Tatyana Ledovskaya, Olga Nazarova, Maria Pinigina, Olga Bryzgina)-October 1, 1988
American Record: 3:15.51-U.S. National Team (Denean Howard 49.7, Diane Dixon 49.2, Valerie Brisco 48.5, Florence Griffith Joyner 48.1)-October 1, 1988
U.S. High School Record: 3:35.49-Long Beach Poly H.S. (CA)-2004
Missouri State Record: 3:45.78-McCluer South-Berkeley H.S.-2007
Northwest School Record: 4:11.59-Liz Buneta, Emily Weiss, Nicole Clark, Nicole Brueggemann-2009
Northwest Freshman Record: 4:29.73-Rachel Bonacker, Savanna Nault, Patty Stibor, Brandi Clarkson-2011
4 x 400m Relay
4x400m final-2022 World Championships


4 x 800m (3200m) Relay
In this relay each of the four runners runs 800m. The 4 x 800m relay is primarily run as a high school event, but is an occasional college and international event. Unlike the other events the handoff is not crucial, just as long as the batton gets from runner to runner. It takes depth on a team to put together a good 4x800m relay. This event leads off each meet.
World Record: 7:50.17-USSR (Nadezhda Olizarenko, Lyubov Gurina, Lyudmila Borisova, Irina Podyalovskaya)-August 5, 1984
American Record: 8:00.62-USA (Chanelle Price, Maggie Vessey, Molly Beckwith-Ludlow, Alysia Montano)-May 3, 2015
U.S. High School Record: 8:43.12-Eleanor Roosevelt H.S. (Greenbelt, MD)-2008
Missouri State Record: 9:06.89-Parkway Central H.S.-2009
Northwest School Record: 9:49.90-Christina Winkler, Kristin Davis, Jodie Brandel, Meagan Robertson-2001
Northwest Freshman Record: 11:02.59-Marques Banderet, Kirra Antonelli, Mickie Schmoll, Hannah Peters-2013
4 x 800m Relay
2015 American Record 4 x 800m


4 x 1600m (6400m) Relay
In this relay each of the four runners runs 1600m. The 4 x 1600m is only run at relay meets.
World Record: (4x1500m) 16:33.58-Kenya (Mercy Cherono, Faith Chepngetich Kipyegon, Irene Jelagat, Hellen Onsando Obiri)-May 24, 2014
American Record: (4x1500m) 17:08.34-University of Tennessee (Chanelle Price, Phoebe Wright, Rolanda Bell, Sarah Bowman)-April 24, 2009
U.S. High School Record: (4x1500m) 18:43.12-South Eugene H.S. (Eugene, OR)-2008
U.S. High School Record: (4 x mile) 19:40.67-Saratoga Springs H.S. (Saratoga Springs, NY)-July 2, 2021
Missouri State Record: Not a state event
Northwest School Record: 23:26.11-Samantha Brown, Karley Wheeler, Claire Meisch, Audrey May-2019
4 x 1600m Relay


Sprint Medley Relay (800m)
Not a normal meet event, the sprint medley relay is designed as a test of a teams sprint ability at a variety of sprinting distances. The first leg runner runs 200m, the second runner runs 100m, the third runner runs 100m, and the anchor runner runs 400m. There are other variations of this as well such as: 100m, 100m, 200m, 400m or 200m, 200m, 400m, 800m.
World Record: No world record kept
American Record: 1:36.79-Wilt's AC (Brenda Morehead, Jeanette Bolden, Alice Brown, Arlise Emerson)-June 20, 1982
U.S. High School Record: 1:38.73-Long Beach Poly H.S. (Long Beach, CA)-2003
Missouri State Record: Not a state event
Northwest School Record: 1:54.08-Abbey McAteer, Autumn Thevel, Sam Skyles, Marquee Banderet-2015
Sprint Medley Relay
2012 Henle Holmes Invitational-Sprint Medley Relay (100,100,200,400)-Former Northwest school record:


Distance Medley Relay (4,000m)
Not a normal meet event, the distance medley relay is a real variety event, with runners running legs from 400m to 1600m. The leadoff runner runs 1200m, which is 3 laps. The second runner runs 800m (2 laps), the third runner runs 400m (1 lap), and the anchor runner runs 1600m (4 laps).
World Record: 10:36.50-USA (Treniere Moser, Sanya Richards-Ross, Ajee Wilson, Shannon Rowbury)-May 2, 2015
American Record: 10:36.50-USA (Treniere Moser, Sanya Richards-Ross, Ajee Wilson, Shannon Rowbury)-May 2, 2015
U.S. High School Record: 11:22.23-Harvard-Westlake H.S. ( North Hollywood, California)-June 18, 2011
Missouri State Record: Not a state event
Northwest School Record: 13:19.70-Meagan Robertson, Kristin Davis, Erica Trumbo, Jodie Brandel-2002
Distance Medley Relay


1600m Sprint Medley Relay
Not a normal meet event, the 1600m medley relay is relay with a variety of sprint and middle distance legs. The leadoff runner runs 400m, (1 lap). The second runner runs 200m, the third runner runs 200m, and the anchor runner runs 800m (2 laps).
World Record: No world record kept
American Record: 3:37.16-USA Blue (Rachelle Smith, Lauryn Williams, Monica Hargrove, Hazel Clark)-April 29, 2006
U.S. High School Record: 3:47.65-Rush-Henrietta High School (Henrietta, NY)-2004
Missouri State Record: Not a state event
Northwest School Record: 4:38.00-Erica Trumbo, Amanda Matt, Tracy Friese, Jodie Brandel -2002
1600m Medley Relay


Long Jump
The long jump has been part of all sporting competitions since ancient times. It figured in the Games of 708 BC as part of the pentathlon: the jumper took his run-up holding a small weight in each hand which gave greater impetus. Here the athlete, who must first be a sprinter, uses speed as a means to fly through the air. Thanks to powerful legs and an elastic take-off foot (here relaxation counts) a long jumper transforms running movement into soaring flight. The event’s champions can fulfil Icarus's dream - with the aid of a mere run-up, they take off into a magic arc. The long jumper conquers an invisible barrier - distance.
World Record: 24' 8-¼"(7.52)-Galina Chistyakova-USSR-June 11, 1988
American Record: 24' 7 "(7.49m)-Jackie Joyner-Kersee-May 22, 1994
U.S. High School Record: 22' 5"(6.83m)-Kate Hall-Lake Region H.S. (Naples, ME)-June 21, 2015
Missouri State Record: 19' 8-1/4"-Felicia Allen-Riverview Gardens H.S.-1986
Northwest School Record: 17' 8-1/2"-Marge Harlow-1976
Northwest Freshman Record: 15' 6 1/2"-Jaime Doggendorf-2010
Long Jump
American Record Holder Jackie Joyner Kersee Long Jumping:


Triple Jump
The original triple jump as practiced by the Greeks was no more than three long jumps one after another. The Celts invented a style of three jumps in a continuous action and this was regulated at the end of the 19th century, first by the Irish and then by the Americans. Originally a hop-hop-jump, with the first two hops taken from the same foot, the triple jump became the hop-step-jump after 1900. Its complex technique - jumping while sprinting (same leg, then alternate leg) makes the triple jump is a combination of swiftness, power and coordination. The aim is to lose the minimum of speed and momentum during each phase. Athletes of any build can make their mark, provided they have strong joints and muscles of steel. Triple jumpers must know how to monitor their physical form all the time. The triple jump was long considered a refuge for the mediocre, but, thanks to superbly talented champions, it has won its spurs. In athletics, triple jumpers are the human kangaroos.
World Record: 51' 17 3/4" (15.74m)-Yulimar Rojas-Venezuela-March, 20, 2022
American Record: 48' 11 1/2"(14.92m)-Keturah Orji-April 25, 2021
U.S. High School Record: 44' 11-3/4"(13.71m)-Brittany Daniels-West Tracy H.S. (West Tracy, CA)-June 27, 2004
Missouri State Record: 40' 9-1/4"-Dierdre Fortman-Park Hill H.S.-1995
Northwest School Record: 36' 9 1/2"-Taylor Hosna-2011
Northwest Freshman Record: 32' 11"-Taylor Hosna-2008
Triple Jump
Yulimar Rojas World Record Jump


High Jump
The high jumper must free the body’s mass from gravity’s fierce grip and send it vertically over a cross-bar - ever higher than imaginable limits. Here the athletes have to keep account of their build, of the length of their limbs, of run-up speed, of their ability to relax, of suppleness, of power and of coordination. They are geometricians of space who master supernatural arcs with explosive drive. The movements of each gigantic parabola must be controlled to the millimeter. Everything is linked as they accelerate towards lift-off. The high jumper challenges the infinities of space and gravity.
World Record: 6' 10-¼"(2.09m)-Stefka Kostadinova-Bulgaria-August 30, 1987
American Record: 6' 8-3/4"(2.05m)-Chaunte Howard-Lowe-June 26, 2010
U.S. High School Record: 6' 6 1/4"(1.9m)-Vashti Cunningham-Bishop Gorman H.S. (Las Vegas, NV)-March 12, 2016
Missouri State Record: 5' 11"-Carlie Queen-Summit Christian Academy H.S.-2017
Northwest School Record: 5' 5"- Erica Schamel-2019
Northwest Freshman Record: 5' 0"-Erica Schamel-2017
High Jump
Stefka Kostadinova's High Jump World Record:


Pole Vault
The pole vault, a jump for height achieved with the aid of a pole, demands a high jumper's skills of relaxation and coordination, a sprinter’s speed and a gymnast’s control. Every vault includes a fast run-up, a driving of the pole into the box, a catapaulting upwards of the athlete by the unbending pole, and an attempt to clear the bar. A pole vaulter must have very strong arms and shoulders, as well as boldness and a taste for risk. Vaulters are intrepid acrobats whose poles transform running speed into upward thrust to escape earth-binding gravity. They are truly astronauts of the stadium.
World Record: 16' 7-1/4"(5.06m)-Yelena Isinbayeva-Russia-August 28, 2009
American Record: 16' 4 3/4"(5.00m)-Sandi Morris-September 9, 2016
U.S. High School Record: 14' 10 3/4"(4.54m)-Hana Moll-Capital H.S. (Olympia, Washington)-January 28, 2023
Missouri State Record: 13' 0"-Khristen Bryant-Columbia Independent H.S.-2017
Northwest School Record: 10' 6"-Michelle Jett-2002, Joanna Sparks-2004, Erika Zehner-2004, Jenny Sturgeon-2010, Christina Schatz-2014
Northwest Freshman Record: 9' 0 "-Jennifer Sturgeon-2008
Pole Vault
Yelena Isinbayeva's Pole Vault World Record:
Want to know what it looks like to pole vault from a vaulters point of view? Watch here:



Shot Put
Shot putters must be big, have strong arms and legs and natural speed. They must summon the dynamic power to propel a heavy, metal ball (4 kg (8.81 lbs) for women) as far as possible. Performance improvement will depend on improving this strength by various means, particularly weight lifting. Shot putters spin in a 7' diameter ring before lofting their shot put into the air.
World Record: 74' 3"(22.63m)-Natalya Lisovskaya-USSR-June 7, 1987
American Record: 66' 5"(20.63m)-Michelle Carter-June 22, 2013
U.S. High School Record: 58' 1"(Alyssa Wilson-Donovan H.S. (Toms River, NJ)-July 23, 2017
Missouri State Record: 51' 1-3/4"-Sophia Rivera-Brentwood H.S.-2015
Northwest School Record: 43' 1/2"-Alysiah Whittaker-2013
Northwest Freshman Record: 34' 5.5"-Molly Darner-2014
Shot Put
American Chase Ealey Wins the World Championship


Discus Throw
The ancient Greeks have described this event better than any other. They used stone and then bronze disks between four and thirteen pounds in weight and 8" to 13" in diameter. The discus first appeared in the Ancient Games in 708 BC. In 1896 the discus was included in the revived Olympic Games in Athens. This ballet without music has fascinated since ancient times, when great sculptors used the discus thrower to symbolise athletics. The discus thrower must add a wide reach, speed on the turn and a sense of rhythm to the shot putter's sturdy skills. Success means taking advantage of the centrifugal force engendered by whirling inside a concrete circle 7' in diameter before a final energetic release. The whole body contributes to the action. The discus thrower is a dancer who performs the most complex and beautiful choreography in athletics.
World Record: 251' 11"(76.80m)-Gabriele Reinsch-East Germany-July 9, 1988
American Record: 234' 5"(71.46m)-Valerie Allman-April 8, 2022
U.S. High School Record: 198' 9"(60.59)-Shelbi Vaughan-Mansfield Legacy H.S. (Mansfield, TX)-June 15, 2012
Missouri State Record: 165' 1"-Amarachi Ukabam-Marquette H.S.-2001
Northwest School Record: 141' 3"-Alysiah Whittaker-2013
Northwest Freshman Record: 108' 9"-Liz Vermillon-2019

Valarie Allman Breaks Discus American Record




As an implement of war and hunting, javelin throwing began in prehistoric times. Along with the discus, the javelin was the second throwing event in the ancient Olympic pentathlon. Records from 708 BC show two javelin competition types co-existing: throwing at a target and throwing the javelin for distance. The javelin, a spear about 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) in length, is thrown. Unlike other throwing events, javelin allows the competitor to build speed over a considerable distance. In addition to the core and upper body strength necessary to deliver the implement, javelin throwers benefit from the agility and athleticism typically associated with running and jumping events. Thus, the athletes share more physical characteristics with sprinters than with others, although they still need the skill of heavier throwing athletes. Javelin throwing is an event of both the men's decathlon and the women's heptathlon.
World Record: 237' 1-3/4"(72.28m)-Barbora Spotakova-Czech Republic-September 13, 2008
American Record: 223' 5"(68.11m)-Kara Winger-September 2, 2022
U.S. High School Record: 185' 8"(56.59m)-Madison Wiltrout-Connellsville High School (Connellsville, PA)-May 7, 2015
Missouri State Record: 158' 0"-Megan Fortner-Northwest High School-2019
Northwest School Record: 158' 0"-Megan Fortner-2019
Northwest Freshman Record: 116' 8"-Lexie Sanchez-2019
Barbora Spotakova's Javelin World Record:



The pentathlon is the realm of the greatest athletes in the world. This multi-event competition requires athleticism, speed, strength, and endurance to complete and be successful at this event. The name pentathlon derives from the Greek words for "five competitions" and consists of five events. THe events can vary, but the most common set of events are the high jump, long jump, shot put, 100m dash, and 800m run. The athletes compete for points, with each performance worth a set amount of points. The faster you run, the higher or farther you jump, or the farther you throw, the more points you get. Each event has a points table that goes along with the performances for that event. The athlete with the highest point total after the five evnts wins. At the national and international level women compete in the heptathlon instead of the pentathlon, which has seven events instead of five events and is contested over two days. This event is not a normally contested event at the high school level. The events of the Pentathlon are:100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m dash, long jump, javelin, and the 800m run.
World Record (Heptathlon): 7,291 points-Jackie Joyner-Kersee-United States-September 23/24, 1988
American Record (Heptathlon): 7,291 points-Jackie Joyner-Kersee-United States-September 23/24, 1988
U.S. High School Record (Heptathlon): 5,829-Anna Hall-Valor H.S. (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)-2019
Missouri State Record: Not a state event
Northwest School Record: 2,655 points-Alysiah Whittaker-2013
Northwest Freshman Record: 2,055 points-Alysiah Whittaker-2010