2022 Northwest Girls Track & Field Team


This page contains information about the team and current team statistics for the season.

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Current team and information

Weightlifting and plyometric drill routines w/videos, and daily practice routine

Current team statistics





2021 Team

Team Information

Girls track & Field picture day will be: during practice; Buy your team photos online here: 

We will hand out uniforms on:

The team awards night will be on Wednesday, May 31at 6pm in the Northwest Lecture Hall
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If you are a senior, you may appy for one of the scholarships that is awarded by the Northwest Track and Cross Country Booster Club:

Northwest R-1 Cross Country and Track and Field Boosters Scholarship Application


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Team first day information

Legal and Illegal Uniforms and Clothing Graphic

Team Rules, Expectations, & Goals

Varsity Letter Requirements



Summer Cross Country and Track and Field Camps and Clubs




Weightlifting and Plyometric Drill Routines and Daily Practice Routine


Northwest Girls Track and Field Weightroom Lifting Routine

Northwest Girls Track and Field Plyometric Drill Routines

Daily Practice Routine:












Current Team Stats


Click on the name of the athlete to see their stats. These will be updated periodically throughout the season, but not after each meet.

Also for each event there is a current top ten list for the team for this season. To see the all-time Northwest top ten list click here.



Kaylee Almon-So Allison G'Sell-Sr Gena Melton-Jr
Ashley Ambrocio-Sr J'Kyla Griffin-Sr Martina Menees-Sr
Erandi Ambrocio-Fr Rachael Grobelny--So Lucero Orozco-Sr
Sara Becker-Sr Lexi Haas-So Mary Perez-Jr
Riley Brant-Jr Lila Hampson-So Kimberly Sebastian-Sr
Abby Chandler-Jr Emily Horton-So Lily Shaffrey-Sr **
Audrey Clark-So Aaliyah Johnson-Jr Isabella Shelledy-So
LIly Consolino-Sr ** Emily Jones-So Wanda Stethem-So
Rose Consolino-So Emily Kamer-So Kyley Stout-Sr **
Kelsey Cova-Sr Michaelie Kettmann-So Cami Surratt-Jr
Megan Cox-Fr Isabella Koehler-So Sarah Tran-Sr
Carolyn Cronin-Jr Ella Kovac-So Ava Tucker-Fr
Madison Delashmet-Jr Lexie LaBrash-So Leah Vandaveer-Jr
Olivia Finder-So Alexa Layton-So Callie Wells-Jr
Chloe Fuchs-Fr Jocelyn Loveless-So Lucy Winecoff-Fr
Adalynn G'Sell-Fr   Chloe Ziegler-So
** = Team Captains



On the team testing results chart, find your student number in the left hand column under Athletes and you can then look across to see your total score and rank,

as well as your results in all nine of our tests

2023 Team Testing Results

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2021 Relays Top Ten Lists
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